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Go nuts for National Doughnut Week

04 MAY 2012

As if you needed another reason to eat these deep fried balls of pillowy, doughy joy, there’s actually a week dedicated to the doughnut in all its forms.

Taking place May 12-19, National Doughnut Week is the perfect excuse for sweet tooths to enjoy a special treat.



London favourite Selfridges sell fine bread and donuts from Fergus Henderson’s St John’s Bakery – including the bloggers' favourite and utterly addictive custard donut; to celebrate National Doughnut Week the bakers are producing seven extra flavours, normally only available from ultra-chic, under-the-radar new London food market, Maltby Street.

The must-try donuts include apple and cinnamon, apple and rhubarb, fresh strawberry jam, lemon curd and a brand new chocolate doughnut.

Now – if you’re far away from a Selfridges, then fear not – during National Doughnut Week we’re pretty sure almost any donut will do – but we do have one stipulation: the donut must be fried, not baked, it makes all the difference – and doughnuts should be a treat, not a health food!

St John doughnuts, available 12th-19th May, priced at £2.49, from Selfridges.


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