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The world's most expensive cupcake unveiled

18 SEPTEMBER 2013 The world's most expensive cupcake was unveiled this week.

The £768.85 baked beauty's decadent list of ingredients included Hawaiian AA tea and the finest Ritz escoffier and Charbonnel et Walker chocolates.

Wrapped in dazzling 24-carat edible gold leaf, the tea-infused cake made its debut appearance in front of the fashion crowd on the final day of London Fashion Week.


Photo by Nicky Johnston

The cupcake, created especially for Food Network, had a chocolate centre, encased in a peach and champagne jam with Chateau Yquem sweet wine butter cream.

The indulgent treat was finished with a chocolate fondant covering with a Charbonnel et Walker chocolate and sugar drizzling.

The sweet treat was guarded by security throughout the day to keep anyone who couldn't handle the temptation at bay.

To celebrate the National Cupcake Week, Food Network will run a series of cupcake-themed programmes on 21 September.

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