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Vietnamese Spring Rolls

04 FEBRUARY 2013
Dish type: Starter

50g rice vermecilli noodles
8 spring roll rice wrappers
8 cooked prawns
A bunch of mint and coriander, chopped
4 lettuce leaves, finely chopped
1 carrot, peeled and cut into small thin strips

In boiling water cook the rice vermicelli for about 5 mins before draining and setting to one side.

Submerge the rice paper wrappers in warm water one at a time and lay flat on the work surface.

Add a prawn, some thinly sliced carrot and lettuce, leaving a gap around the sides. Fold the bottom edge of the paper so it is covering the filling and then roll as tight as you can.

Serve with the classic fish sauce, garlic and chilli based dipping condiment - Nuoc Cham.


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