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Beetroot, apple and mint detox smoothie

08 JANUARY 2014
This Nutriblast™ is packed with foods to help you detox your body - in particular beetroot and wheatgrass. Beetroot contains high levels of the phytonutrient, betalain which has detoxifying abilities and wheatgrass contains over 30 different enzymes which can aid digestion and can kill bad bacteria in the gut and can help boost the body’s natural defence against free-radicals. It is also believed to be a detoxifier and anti-oxidant, cleansing the blood and the liver.

Serves 1


1 small cooked beetroot, peeled (50g)
1 eating apple, cored but skin on (200g)
Handful fresh mint
2 tsp Organic Wheatgrass Powder
200ml water

Place all the ingredients into the Nutribullet and whizz for a few seconds until all the ingredients are evenly blended. These will all fit into the short cup, so you can pop the lid on and take to work or the gym.

Top tips
• Serve on ice
• Replace the apple with ripe pear


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