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Pork spare ribs with star anise

22 JANUARY 2014

500g pork spare ribs
15000g cooking oil for deep frying
5g sliced ginger
10g spring onion cut into sections
3g salt
1006 sugar
30g red wine vinegar
15g Chinese rice wine
5g roasted sesame seeds
5g sesame oil
300g water
3 star anise


• Chop ribs into bit sized pieces approximately 5cm long.

• Wash and add to the salt, ginger, spring onion, wine, vinegar and water.

• Steam in a bamboo steamer for 60 minutes until they begin to feel tender.

• Drain and deep fry until golden brown.

• Heat oil in a wok, add sugar and stir fry until it browns. • Add ribs, water salt, wine and simmer until the sauce thicken and coats the ribs.

• Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve immediately.

Recipe by Andrew Wong, Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant A.Wong (


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