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Kelly Osbourne has hairy moment as she wows crowds while modelling in NY


With her new pet Sid held tightly under her arm and a fake moustache adorning her face, Kelly models one of Betsey's latest looks at New York Fashion Week
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 Photo: © Rex


The 25-year-old was evidently delighted to walk the catwalk for the quirky designer, who cartwheeled to show her happiness after completing another successful show
 Photo: © Rex

15 FEBRUARY 2010

New York might have a new celebrity queen of the catwalk.

Having attended a number of shows since fashion week began on Thursday, Kelly Osbourne swapped her front row seat to sashay down the catwalk for top designer Betsey Johnson.

Her svelte size eight figure on display, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant was guest of honour modelling Autumn/Winter designs from the US couturier.

At in true Betsey Johnson-fashion, the show – inspired by the Wild West - featured a few quirky surprises.

After emerging as the first model, wearing a bandanna mask and playfully toting a toy pistol, fun-loving Kelly stepped out wearing a fake moustache to showcase one of Betsey's looks.

And while some models might be sent out clutching only a handbag, Kelly walked the runway with her beloved pet Pomeranian, Sid, held tightly under her arm.

Tweeting after her runway turn, Kelly – who also took part in the Naomi Campbell's star-studded Haiti fundraiser – said: "Sid walked the runway with me for my second look. It was so cool. I even got to wear a moustache."

And she wasn't the only one who enjoyed the show, which saw homage paid to the late Alexander McQueen with a model holding a 'Long Live McQueen' sign.

Betsey's delight at her Bryant Park unveiling was equally as evident thanks to the designer's enthusiastic entrance at the end of the presentation.

After putting on some faux facial hair herself, the energetic 67-year-old cart-wheeled down the runway to the delighted claps of the audience, followed by a parade of models holding giant inflatable Valentine's hearts.


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