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Miranda nervous about first swimsuit job seven months after giving birth

04 AUGUST 2011

Miranda Kerr confirms her place as the new poster girl for yummy mummies with a triunfant catwalk appearance in her native Australia just seven months after giving birth.

Looking at her confident smile It was hard to believe that the brunette beauty had been suffering from pre-show jitters.




"I'm a little nervous about getting back on the runway after just having a baby, seven months ago," she admitted.

"It's the first time I'll be in a swimsuit on the runway with 600 people watching."

She clearly had nothing to worry about.

As she modelled the designs the 28-year-old was the envy of everyone who has struggled to fit back into their favourite pair of trousers after having a baby.

Her favourite llitle guy was with her and she's been taking the opportunity to show him off to friends and family.


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