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The power of prints with a touch of gold

04 APRIL 2012

Brazilian stylist Matilda Azevado shows us that it's possible to bring colour to a black outfit this spring.

And it’s all thanks to her brilliant use of accessories. Matilda breaks up her all black look, with leopard print mocassins from Shoestock.

Mocassins are huge this season, and instead of opting for a plain colour, why not take inspiration from Matilda and go for a plain colour with a touch of print, such as leopard or snakeskin?



She breaks up her dark top half with a gold vintage necklace. The long chain also helps to lengthen the torso as well as creating a focal point for the outfit.

When it comes to both her bag and make-up, Matilda moves away from the leopard and gold theme and opts for a racing green shoulder bag by Juliana Armelin, and maximum impact with Russian Red lipstick from M.A.C.

Matilda teams up her dress with matching black leggings, but contrasts the textures with the sheen of the bottoms.

Gold and leopard print accessories are a great way to liven up your black outfit, be it day or night. Gold collar necklaces are the perfect way to turn your black blouse from work to dinner; add some leopard print brogues and you’re ready for the evening.




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