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Chanel brings kaleidoscope of colour to Paris

In typical Karl Lagerfeld fashion, Chanel pulled out all the stops at Paris Fashion Week to put on an incredible show that was the talk of the town.

Fashion maestro Karl, who is the longtime creative director of the legendary French fashion house, put this season's focus on fine art. The walls of the entire Grand Palais had been painted white and decorated with oversize paintings all conceived by Karl.

Lead by Cara Delevingne, Karl's army of blonde-wig-clad models showcased a kaleidoscope of colour. The signature tweed suit was given a sleeveless twist and came in bright pink.

Front row to witness the high fashion spectacle was Chanel muse Vanessa Paradis and popstars Rita Ora and Katy Perry.

Chanel brought a kaleidoscope of colour to Paris Fashion Week. Photo: © Getty Images

Vanessa Paradis, Katy Perry and Rita Ora were all front row to witness the high fashion spectacle. Photo: © Getty Images

Cara Delevingne lead Karl's army of models. Photo: © Getty Images

Chanel's signature tweed suit was given a multi-coloured twist. Photo: © Getty Images

Cropped and sleeveless jackets also represented a modern take on the ensemble that put Chanel on the map. Photo: © Getty Images

Models showcasing their rainbow eye make-up backstage. Photo: © Rex

Miranda Kerr also walked the runway. Photo: © Getty Images

In his signature monochrome attire, Karl took his bow. Photo: © Getty Images


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