Jackie Kennedy: honouring her 84th birthday through fashion


Jackie Kennedy: honouring her 84th birthday through fashion

Jackie Kennedy married J.F Kennedy in 1953 in a dress made by New York dressmaker Ann Lowe. Jackie never kept the fact that she didn't like her dress a secret — she revealed that she wore it due to pressure from her mother to have a traditional 1950s wedding dress.

Designer Anne Lowe was barely mentioned in the papers at the time, unlike celebrity wedding dress designers of today.

The wedding dress featured silk taffeta and a bouffant skirt, intricately decorated with tuckin, circles of ruddles and wax flowers. Jackie was more than happy to choose her accesories — her grandmother's rosepoint lace veil draped from a small lace cap decorated with orange blossoms and family pearls. She wore a diamond leaf pin which was a gift from her future-in-laws and a diamont pearl bracelet given as a wedding present from J.F.K, finished with 50s wrist length gloves.

Anne Lowe took two months to make the dress, which almost ended in disaster when 10 days before the wedding a water pipe broke, flooding the shop and ruining the gown, forcing the desinger to work day and night to recreate the dress.