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Angelina Jolie reduced to tears as she highlights plight of refugees


The star wipes away tears after recalling the moving experiences and people she has encountered during her work as a UN Goodwill ambassador
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"The refugees I have met and spent time with have profoundly changed my life," the actress told guests at a conference to mark World Refugee Day
 Photo: © Getty Images

19 JUNE 2009

Angelina Jolie struggled with her emotions as she helped mark World Refugee Day in Washington this week. The star's eyes filled with tears as she talked about her time as a UN Goodwill ambassador at a conference.

"The refugees I have met and spent time with have profoundly changed my life," said the mum-of-six. "The eight-year-old girl who saved her brother taught me what it was like to be brave. The pregnant woman in Pakistan taught me what it is to be a mother… I thank them all for letting me into their lives."

Thirty-four-year-old Angelina, who this week released a video to help publicise World Refugee Day, has visited the displaced and those left homeless by internal conflicts in Pakistan on three missions since accepting the ambassadorial role in 2001.

She took partner Brad Pitt on a 2005 trip, when they travelled aboard a helicopter carrying aid for those affected by an earthquake in northern Pakistan.

Through a charity they established to combat humanitarian crises the couple have donated $1 million worth of aid to Pakistanis affected by the fighting.


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