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Dr Who and his glam assistant battle evil forces in the Balkans


Matt Smith and Karen Gillen were joined on location by a new face – Little Dorrit actor Arthur Darvill
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 Photo: © PA


Plotlines are still shrouded in secrecy. But judging by the period dress of the extras, the new episode looks to be set several centuries ago
 Photo: © PA

03 DECEMBER 2009

With just months to go before the new Doctor takes over the mantle from David Tennant, there were more clues as to what fans can expect in the upcoming series.

New Time Lord Matt Smith and his beautiful assistant Amy Pond – played by Karen Gillian – were pictured this week on location in Croatia.

And judging by the period costume of the extras, the new episode looks to be set several centuries ago.

There was also a new face joining the duo – Birmingham-born Little Dorrit actor Arthur Darvill, who plays a character called Rory.

Producers are doing their best to keep plot lines and character details under wraps, but there's been speculation Rory is Amy's boyfriend.

There are also reports the scriptwriters are following the current Twilight trend and including vampires in the storyline.


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