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Vote: who performed best in week two of the X Factor live shows?

20 OCTOBER 2013

Kingsland Road was named the least popular act on Saturday night's live X Factor shows, despite praise from the judges for their colourful rendition of Bruno Mars' hit Marry You.



The five boys will be performing in Sunday's sing-off to fight for their survival, with another act yet to be disclosed.

Miss Dynamix, meanwhile, got a free pass to next week's shows after pregnant SeSe Foster was rushed to hospital. With one girl down, fellow members Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington did not take to the stage and instead watched the show from backstage.


Who performed the best?

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  • Tamera Foster 25.00%
  • Abi Alton 3.45%
  • Hannah Barrett 11.21%
  • Luke Friend 1.72%
  • Sam Callahan 7.76%
  • Nicholas McDonald 24.14%
  • Shelley Smith 1.72%
  • Sam Bailey 7.76%
  • Kingsland Road 9.48%
  • Rough Copy 7.76%
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