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Vote: who will win X Factor 2013?

15 DECEMBER 2013

Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald will go head-to-head in Sunday night's final of the X Factor, in the hope of winning the coveted singing title of the year.



The lucky winner will not only land a record contract but also get to perform as Beyoncé's supporting act in her imminent Mrs Carter tour, when it returns to the UK in February.

"Hey, I just wanna say good luck to all The X Factor finalists and announce a very special prize to the winner," said Beyoncé in a pre-recorded video shown to the contestants during rehearsals.

"The winner of this year's X Factor will be joining me on the Mrs Carter tour, coming back to Europe in February. I can't wait to see you soon. Good luck!"

Other celebrity acts performing in Sunday's finale, shown on ITV at 7:30pm, include X Factor judge Gary Barlow, Elton John, Katy Perry and One Direction.


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