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Get the look: Keeping fringes full and fabulous

Get the look: Keeping fringes full and fabulous

14 MAY 2008

From Reese Witherspoon to Victoria Beckham, celebrities know how annoying it is to style the perfect fringe, only for it separate within seconds - a result of hair trying to return to the direction in which it naturally falls because of its growth patterns.


Side partings are the worst affected because hair usually naturally grows from a centre parting – and it's very keen to get back to its roots - particularly if you spent your childhood in plaits and pony tails. But a quick trick can help your whole fringe stay in place: lightly backcomb the underside (if you can't find a fine-tooth hair comb, an eyelash comb is just as good, if not more so, or even an old, clean mascara wand). Then just apply a quick layer of flexible hold hairspray on the surface.


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