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The best bob yet – Keira unveils new look

06 OCTOBER 2010

It's the style that refuses to go out of fashion.

And now Keira Knightley has given the bob a fresh lease of life with a beautifully shaped, lightly graduated version that hugs the jawline for a soft, elegant and incredibly flattering new look.

It’s the perfect shape to suit any face, with the length, the lack of fringe and the side parting the most crucial elements. It drapes down around the sides, making the face appear slimmer and hiding the angles at the corners of the jaw to soften, too (great if you’re square jawed).


But subtle layering has been cut in around the level of the cheekbones, graduating down until ends curve slightly under the jaw, to give the style shape – without it, hair would hang limply like a curtain. It also takes the weight out of hair for more movement.

But it does mean hair needs blowdrying over a round brush to keep the curve of the shape and give root lift. And it looks like straightening irons have been used at the finish to pick out thin sections for texture and to break up the sleekness so the style looks more casual.

But what a result – one of the simplest, yet most beautifully cut and flattering celeb styles we’ve seen in ages.

Welcome back to the bob.

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