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A close shave for Hollywood hotties Robert and Ashton

12 JANUARY 2012

Accepting an award at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, British actor Robert Pattinson suprised onlookers as he revealed a new crew cut.

It marks a dramatic departure from the messy, floppy-haired look that helped establish the Twlight star’s status as an international heart-throb.

It may be for a new role, or perhaps the 25-year-old is just keen to cultivate a more mature, serious image.


Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher has also hacked off his lengthy locks – and his beard.

The Two and a Half Men star debuted his clean-cut new look at the Television Critics Association Tour on Wednesday.

The freshly-shaven image and trimmed tresses are "related to the show, completely," he told the panel. "Tune in Monday."

The 33-year-old, whose split with Demi Moore was confirmed in late November, was sporting his wedding ring and was seen playing with it throughout his interview.



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