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Exclusive: Olympic torchbearer Chemmy Alcott gets a Union Jack makeover

02 JULY 2012

She is set to carry the Olympic torch during its 70 day journey from Land's End to the Olympic Stadium on July 24.

And Britain's Hall of Fame skier Chemmy Alcott is delighted about the selection, describing it as "an amazing honour and privilege". 


To help get her into the spirit, the former Dancing on Ice contestant popped into Tatiana Hair Extensions in Kensington, London, to have the Union Jack dip dyed into her hair.

She then topped off the patriotic look by posing in her flag ski suit whilst holding the torch.

Chemmy, who is a good friend of Zara Phillips, has competed in three Winter Olympic Games.

For more information or to book an appointment call Tatiana Hair Extensions on 020 7937 1989 or visit their Manchester salon.


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