Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

Forecast for Findesemana 21 April 2014

Some people believe in the 'school of hard knocks'. They figure that nobody ever really learns a lesson until they have first met the consequences of doing things the wrong way. But we are all, to some extent at least, open to suggestion. We trust others to share the benefit of their experience with us. When people make constructive suggestions, we are grateful for their input and we do what we can to apply their advice. Er... don't we? Don't feel that you can only make progress this week by doing things the difficult way

The current Grand Cross is the most significant astrological influence for a long time. Your week ahead audio forecast and your video forecasts will help you take advantage of this unique opportunity so you can achieve what you've been hoping for. They are free and they are here!

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