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Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

Aries forecast for Wednesday 30 September 2014

Once a kite has been successfully launched into the air, it may remain aloft for a surprisingly long time. Even if the sky grows still and the air becomes calm around the hand holding the string, there may be currents and breezes up above that are more than sufficient to fill those sails. That's a good thing to keep in mind whenever we are trying to decide whether we have come to the right moment to set something new in motion. We may only need the smallest opportunity. The merest passing possibility is all it takes, as you will see today.

The last day of September is a date for making decisions that could have big consequences. If you've got choices coming up in your life... or if, indeed, you'd like to have more choices, you need a full personal horoscope calculated from your exact date, time and place of birth. For the last day of September only there's a 24 hour, 20% discount on all my horoscope chart services. Download your discounted chart here.

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