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Leo forecast for Thursday 23 July 2014

If you can only help someone else by depriving yourself, you're looking at a pretty daunting sacrifice. Maybe it's one you feel inspired to make. Maybe you care so much for the other person that your own life won't be worth living if their life isn't OK. But if that's how devoted you are, maybe it's a tad too much. Maybe you're the one who needs help to recognise your own worth. There's a way, today, for you to be generous, without cutting yourself off from something you need and deserve. That's the option to investigate!

On July 26th, Mars moves into a new zodiac sign and this is good news for us all. Give me your birth details and let me compile for you a personal 'Guide to the Future' so you can identify the areas of your life that are about change and make the most of them. Right now there is a 20% discount. Download your Guide to the Future here.

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