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Forecast for Tuesday 15 April 2014

You are not the person you used to be. Nor are you yet, the person you will one day become! There. That sounds good, doesn't it? It's true too, in one way. Yet in another, it's unfair. You are who you have always been, aren't you? Yet there have been defining moments in your life where you met people or encountered situations that went on to shape your story in very important ways. This week, first, under the Lunar Eclipse and then the rare Grand Cardinal Cross involving Mars and Pluto, a new chapter begins.

This week brings a Lunar Eclipse and a 'Grand Cross'. It is the most significant astrological influence for some time. Anything and everything positive can happen and your week ahead audio forecast and your April Video Forecast will help you take advantage of this unique opportunity so you can achieve what you've been hoping for. It's free and it's here!

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