Celebrity Virgo

Niall Horan 13 September 1993

Virgo forecast for Findesemana 17 October, 2014

None of us really know how the world works. But we all have our assumptions and opinions. We have rules that we have long since learned to apply and adhere to, techniques that we have discovered, through experience, that it is safe to trust. Once in a while, we see someone attaining success in apparent defiance of all that we consider to be logical and sensible. Should we disapprove of such examples? Or should we just attempt to learn from them? This weekend, an unconventional approach will work well.

Mercury is about to enter a state called 'Cazimi' forming a Stellium (or a triple conjunction) with the Sun and Venus - blazing with positive energy and bright inspiration. To celebrate, I'm offering a 20% discount for just 24 hours!

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