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    Apricot and passion fruit sundae
    Greek yoghurt makes a good alternative to ice cream if you want to serve this for breakfast

  • 12

    Creamy stuffed chicken
    Although there’s double cream and soft cheese in this recipe, it contains fewer than 350 calories per serving

  • 13

    Mince pies
    Best served warm straight from the oven with a generous dollop of whipped cream or brandy butter

  • 14

    Chocolate roulade
    Made without flour, this cream and chocolate-filled dessert is deliciously light and moist

  • 15

    Chicken and corn tacos
    Serve in Old El Paso taco shells, or in a bowl topped with sour cream, grated cheese and a handful of tortilla chips

  • 16

    An all-time favourite, these little choux buns filled with cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce are the perfect end to any special occasion meal or dinner party

  • 17

    Strawberry and raspberry tart
    Strawberries and raspberries are full of flavour and a wonderful combination for desserts. This tart is delicious served with dairy-free vanilla or strawberry ice cream

  • 18

    Superior grape and plum crumble
    Crumble is a classic that’s hard to beat. Serve this fruity combination with creamy vanilla ice cream

  • 19

    Big-bite brownies
    Eaten with rich chocolate sauce, ice cream or simply warm as they come, these are a truly indulgent treat

  • 20

    Chocolate glories
    If you’re making this as a special treat for children, you might want to omit the roasted nuts

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