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    Basic cupcakes
    We’ve used natural vanilla extract in this recipe, but you can add your own twist, such as cocoa or lemon

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    An all-time favourite, these little choux buns filled with cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce are the perfect end to any special occasion meal or dinner party

  • 33

    Blackcurrant sorbet
    The hint of lemon adds a sharp twist to this refreshing summer sorbet

  • 34

    Berries and cream pavlova
    Meringue, cream and fresh fruit are a match made in heaven

  • 35

    Baked oranges with creme brulee
    ‘For a grown-up treat, add a splash of Cointreau to each orange before baking’

  • 36

    Brie and plum tarts with basil pastry
    Brie and plum are a marriage made in heaven. Briefly pan-fry the pastry, then add the topping and bake in the oven

  • 37

    Warm cherry clafoutis
    ‘The icing sugar and cocoa give extra crust and flavour’

  • 38

    Cherry-and-walnut hot cross buns
    The walnuts give flavour and extra texture to these fruity buns, traditionally eaten on Good Friday

  • 39

    Easter bunny biscuits
    Children will love to help make these – you can use cookie cutters in other shapes for even more fun

  • 40

    Olive oil and orange cake
    You can get fantastic results by using oils in cakes – and this

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