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    Cheshire pork pie
    This variation on a pork pie has a sweet combination of apples, sugar and nutmeg to complement the tender meat

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    Pork with blackberries and apple
    Fat juicy blackberries and soft apples beautifully complement the texture of the pork. If fresh blackberries are unavailable, use frozen or even canned ones in natural juice instead. This is suitable for freezing

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    Slow-cooked pork with coleslaw
    Smokey, fall-apart tender pork takes eight hours over hot coals, so get started in the morning and leave it to cook... easy and delicious!

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    Pork, red pepper and sesame stir-fry
    Succulent pieces of pork with a fragrant Oriental flavour. Quick and easy to make, this is a great but simple dish for all the family to enjoy

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    Latin pork-chops with peach-chilli salsa
    Pork chops pepped up with a simple spice rub are perfectly partnered by fruity salsa with a fiery kick. This dish is fantastic in summer when peaches are in season and full of flavour and sweet juice

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    Mango and pork burgers
    Home-made burgers couldn¹t be simpler­ children and adults alike will enjoy these moist, juicy burgers !

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    Sweet pork and chilli stir-fry
    Just 20 minutes is all it takes to prepare and cook this flavoursome dish

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    Stir-fried pork with pineapple
    ‘This appetising dish is an ideal centrepiece for a dinner for family or friends – and it’s very straightforward to make’

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    Sticky Pork Kebabs with Sweet Carrot Slaw
    This DIY kebab and slaw combo is perfect for barbecues and makes a tasty alternative to burgers

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    Spiced roast ham or pork with juniper berries
    The spices in this dish lightly pickle the meat, giving it an intriguing Eastern flavour

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