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    Double chocolate cheesecake brownies
    Give into temptation with these luxuriously rich chocolate brownies, rippled with a sweet vanilla cheese mixture

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    Strawberry and raspberry tart
    Strawberries and raspberries are full of flavour and a wonderful combination for desserts. This tart is delicious served with dairy-free vanilla or strawberry ice cream

  • 13

    Superior grape and plum crumble
    Crumble is a classic that’s hard to beat. Serve this fruity combination with creamy vanilla ice cream

  • 14

    Mini Meringues
    The chewy meringue and tangy lemon curd make an irresistible combination

  • 15

    Chocolate glories
    If you’re making this as a special treat for children, you might want to omit the roasted nuts

  • 16

    Cherry creme brulee
    What a surprise when you dig in your spoon – succulent cherries are the filling in this classic dessert with a twist

  • 17

    Big-bite brownies
    Eaten with rich chocolate sauce, ice cream or simply warm as they come, these are a truly indulgent treat

  • 18

    Blackcurrant pavlova
    A heavenly combination of sweet and sharp – you won’t be able to resist this

  • 19

    Strawberries and cream trifle
    The British strawberry season is coming to an end, so if you can't find any, try using plums instead.

  • 20

    Rhubarb ripple ice cream
    If you can’t get fresh rhubarb, purée some tinned fruit instead. Or use raspberries, strawberries, peaches or apple

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