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  • 11

    Big-bite brownies
    Eaten with rich chocolate sauce, ice cream or simply warm as they come, these are a truly indulgent treat

  • 12

    Carrot cake
    Stem ginger and orange zest add a zingy twist to this favourite

  • 13

    Tana's lunch box slices
    This flapjack alternative makes a staple for the children’s lunchboxes

  • 14

    Golden roast turkey
    We’ve opted to cook the stuffing separately, but you can stuff the neck area and cavity of the turkey before roasting. If you do it this way, the stuffing will absorb lots of tasty juices

  • 15

    Tiny tartlets
    Make these in advance, store in an airtight container, then simply fill when required

  • 16

    Tortelli Piacentini
    This simple delicious dish makes a perfect Italian supper

  • 17

    Beef, beer and mushrooms stew with cheesy dumplings
    Serve with a salad on the side if you like, but this is a whole meal on its own

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