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Mette-Marit has her crowning moment and gets royal seal of approval from husband


The popular Norwegian princess is 'crowned' by one of her many young supporters during a visit to Lund
 Photo: © Rex


And with the handmade headwear in place, she turns to her prince for the seal of approval
 Photo: © Rex


During their three-day visit to Norway's Rogaland county, the couple were able to take in the beautiful natural landscape of the area
 Photo: © Rex


As the Norwegian crown princess, Mette-Marit already possesses a beautiful selection of regal jewels.

But perhaps none has as much personal value as the hand-made crown that was placed on her head this week by a young admirer.

The gesture symbolised of the enormous popularity of the blonde royal, who was presented with the blue tribute, adorned with her initials and love hearts, during a visit with Crown Prince Haakon to Lund in southern Norway.

After being 'crowned' by her small fan, she turned to her husband for a second opinion on how it looked.

The heavy rain this week did nothing to deter the mum-of-three and her husband from meeting the public.

While in the city they spent time greeting locals as well as visiting an old people's home.

Their highly anticipated stop-over, which brought out crowds of people in the Scania province, was part of the couple's trip to Rogaland county.

Travelling there on board the Royal Yacht Norge, Mette-Marit, 36, and her prince were able to take in the beauty of the region as they visited a number of towns including Egersund, from which the princess' ancestors hail, Vindafjord, Gjesdal and Sokndal.


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