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Willem-Alexander takes Maxima to the top of Mexico's pyramid of the sun


It was the perfect end to their official trip for the couple, who took in the breathtaking views from the summit
 Photo: © Rex


The royal pair were accompanied by Queen Beatrix, though the Dutch monarch stayed at the base, having already made the climb back in 1968
 Photo: © Getty Images

10 NOVEMBER 2009

It was the perfect end to their four-day trip to Mexico for Princess Maxima and Willem-Alexander as they visited the magnificent ruins of Teotihuacan, in the Valley of Mexico.

The royal couple, who were accompanied by Queen Beatrix, checked out the archaeological site's pyramids, before scaling the largest, the Pyramid of the Sun.

After climbing the 248 steps to take them to the top of the 75 metre structure – which dates from 100 BC - the couple took in the breathtaking views from the summit.

And they paused to wave to Willem's mother, who stayed at the base.

The Dutch monarch wasn't missing out, however, as she's already been to the top, during an official visit back in 1968.

Though it was Argentina-born Maxima's first visit to Teotihuacan, it wasn't her first time in the country.

The elegant royal made many business trips to Mexico during her time working as a broker for Deutsche Bank in New York.


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