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Princess Caroline and daughter celebrate in Monaco as husband Ernst remains absent


Despite her husband's absence, Princess Caroline enjoys the army parade to mark Monaco's National Day with daughter Alexandra
 Photo: © Getty Images


The ten-year old princess beams from the palace balcony alongside half-sister Charlotte
 Photo: © Getty Images


Brothers Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi also joined Alexandra and Charlotte to watch the annual parade
 Photo: © Getty Images

19 NOVEMBER 2009

Princess Caroline celebrated Monaco's National Day with ten-year-old daughter Alexandra on Thursday, but there was still no sign of her husband Ernst of Hanover by her side.

Fifty-two-year-old Caroline and Ernst, 55, who married in January 1999, have not been seen together since June, according to reports.

In September Caroline moved back to the principality and enrolled Princess Alexandra in a local school, while Ernst remained in the family home in Fontainebleau, near Paris.

At the time Monaco’s royal palace released a statement denying rumours the pair had split.

More recently, Caroline's long-time family friend Maryam Sachs has refuted reports that she is romantically involved with the sometimes controversial German aristocrat.

But Ernst's absence at one of the most important events on the Monegaesque calendar adds to speculation that all is not well between the couple.

Not that there seemed to be any signs of trouble on the face of young Princess Alexandra of Hanover at the annual festivities.

The ten-year-old beamed alongside half-sister Charlotte, from her mother's marriage to the late Stefano Casiraghi, on the palace balcony as she watched the annual army parade pass by.

Earlier, Alexandra and Charlotte had joined mum Caroline and brothers Andrea and Pierre at the traditional Thanksgiving Mass in Monaco's Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Among the other members of the Grimaldi family taking part was Prince Albert, who led the celebrations, and Princess Stephanie.

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