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This prince packs a punch: Wills can't resist horsing around with royal cousins


Take that: Zara and William have a playfight at the festival of British Eventing
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 Photo: © Getty Images


Poor Peter Phillips ended up with a squashed face
 Photo: © Getty Images

09 AUGUST 2010

Prince William was clearly in a cheeky mood at the weekend as he joined his cousins at the Festival of British Eventing in Gatcombe Park.

The second-in-line to the throne couldn't resist a bit of horseplay at the three-day equestrian event, at which Zara Philips was competing.

Wills was there to support Zara over the course of the weekend – but that didn't mean she missed out on the tomfoolery during down time in the competition. He playfully grabbed her around the shoulders and got into a mock fist fight.

Poor Peter Phillips – there with his pregnant wife Autumn - meanwhile got his nose squished against his face.

William was there solo – there was no sign of his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

Zara was also without her boyfriend Mike Tindall, who was busy at an England training camp.

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