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End of an era as Carla passes on the baton of First Lady

15 MAY 2012

Soberly dressed in a black suit, France's outgoing First Lady Carla Bruni bids farewell to her dazzling term in the Elysee Palace.




Meanwhile, Valerie Trierweiler – partner of new French President François Hollande – epitomised diplomatic dressing in a smart white coat.

Carla met with her successor on the steps of the executive palace as France's power shift was formalised.

Both women looked on as Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed the new premier, who was sworn in on Tuesday.




Despite her new role as First Lady, Paris Match journalist Valerie has vowed to keep working for the weekly magazine.

If she keeps her word, it will be the first time a president's partner has juggled their own professional commitments with the political role.

Carla Bruni: The Elysee years

Valerie Trierweiler: France's revolutionary new first lady


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