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Expectation in the heir: The next generation waiting to ascend the throne

29 JANUARY 2013

The news that Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is on the threshold of becoming king will have sent ripples of interest around the other palaces in Europe.




Willem-Alexander will be the first to ascend the throne within the current generation of royals waiting to fulfill their duty. The first-in-line's peers – Prince Charles, Haakon of Norway and Denmark's Prince Frederik to name but a few – will all continue their wait to become monarch, and will be watching the Netherlands with keen interest in the coming months.

Similarly, the Dutch royal's Argentinian wife Maxima will be the first people's princess of that set, with Kate Middleton, Mary of Denmark and Norway's Mette-Marit all set to follow suit. Meanwhile, Victoria of Sweden possesses a unique destiny of becoming queen regnant in her own right.

HELLO! Online profiles the generation of future monarchs and their consorts poised to ascend the throne.

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