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HELLO! Online compiles mum-to-be Kate's working wardrobe

18 FEBRUARY 2013

Kate Middleton has now arrived at the halfway point in her pregnancy and maternity wear has a glamorous new ambassador.

Add to that her return to work on Tuesday and the mum-to-be has various sartorial solutions to find.




When the Duchess of Cambridge steps out on Tuesday, her burgeoning bump will be clear for all to see, but how will Kate strike the balance between professional, maternal and stylish?

Fashion stylist Alex Longmore recently gave HELLO! his opinion regarding the Duchess's evolving wardrobe. 

"Kate's lucky in that she can wear anything, but I hope she embraces her bump. With her stature and figure, fitted clothes look so much better than flowing ones.

He added: "I don't think she'll wear stretchy Lycra, but I hope she shows her bump in a subtle, elegant way."

To do that, Kate will rely on the delicate, feminine palette of her go-to designers – think Beulah or Orla Kiely – to get the look right .

With threads from a few of Kate's favourites, HELLO! Online compiles the royal order of sartorial splendour.


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