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Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg introduce baby Amalia

16 JUNE 2014

Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg have released the first photos of their newborn daughter Amalia. The sweet snaps were taken by first-time grandmother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

The royal couple, who welcomed their little bundle of joy on Sunday, look the picture of health and happiness as they show off their first child.

Princess Claire, 29, is seen cradling her tiny, day-old baby, who is dressed in a pink-and-white hand-smocked dress. Doting dad Prince Félix, meanwhile, sits beside his wife and places a protective arm around his girls.



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Though she dozes for much of the relaxed photoshoot, Amalia can be seen in one precious photo with her tiny eyes open and what appears to be a little smile on her face.

The little girl made her entrance on 15 June and the royal palace of Luxembourg released a statement on behalf of Félix's parents announcing the joyful news.


©2014 Cour grand-ducale / Private Collection / All rights reserved

"The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are very happy to announce the birth of the first child of their royal highnesses Prince Félix and Princess Claire. The baby was born on 15 June 2014 at the Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Maternity Wing at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg."

Félix and Claire paid tribute to their respective mothers, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Gabriele Lademacher, with their daughter's middle names.


©2014 Cour grand-ducale / Private Collection / All rights reserved

"The young princess will bear the names Amalia, Gabriela, Maria Teresa. She weighed 2.95kg and measured 50cm at birth," confirmed the statement, which also told how Félix was present at the birth and that "mother and baby are doing well."

It ended: "The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess as well as Mr and Mrs Lademacher and their families expressed their best wishes and joy at the happy news."

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