jpg The wedding of the future Queen of England to Philip Mountbatten had attracted the largest gathering of European royals since the war. During the preparations for the nuptials, according to one eyewitness, Princess Elizabeth had "her head in the clouds", but her mother was in firm control. When the bride's tiara - a gift from Queen Mary to her daughter-in-law and lent by her to Lilibet for this occasion - snapped in two, the bride's mother calmly sent the damaged diadem off to be mended.

Having opposed marriage between her youngest daughter and divorcÚ Peter Townsend, no one was more pleased than the Queen Mother when Margaret fell in love again. By Court standards, society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones was an unusual choice for a royal match: not only was he a commoner, he was even a touch bohemian. But he seemed right for the artistically minded Princess. Without the King beside her, the Queen Mother had to supervise the wedding plans alone, starting with the official announcement from Clarence House. The Duke of Edinburgh gave the bride away and the bridesmaids included Margaret's young niece Princess Anne.
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