Bridal beauty

  • 21 Plan ahead for perfect bridal beauty
    From Cheryl Cole to Coleen McLoughlin, many brides choose to entrust their bridal make-up to the experts, investing in a professional make-up artist to ensure they look their best. As Kylie's make-up artist...

  • 22 Grooming: It's not just you who needs a self-tan
    There's no doubting that tans somehow make everyone look better (dark colours recede so they make you look slimmer if nothing else), which is why so many brides book in for a spray tan ahead of their big...

  • 23 Get the look: Bridal makeup
    There are two reasons why most experts recommend pale, neutral colours for bridal makeup - and neither has anything to do with looking virginal. The first is that if you're wearing a traditional...

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