• 1 Home made cherry and almond cake recipe
    IngredientsServes 8 100g Butter 175g Caster Sugar 2tsp Almond Essence 3 Eggs – beaten 75g Flaked Almonds 1 Lemon – Grated Rind 100g Plain Flour 100g Self-raising Flour 200g Cocktail...

  • 2 Gluten free cherry bakewell cake recipe
    Serves: 8-12 Preparation time: 15 minutes Baking time: 30 minutesEquipmentx2 Pyrex Asimetria cake pans (20cm)Non-stick baking parchment Spatula Palette knife Sieve Pyrex 1 litre mixing bowl Electric hand whisk or...

  • 3 Morello aviation
    Ingredients 50ml morello cherry infused Beefeater Gin 20ml lemon juice 20ml sugar syrup (see below) Dash maraschino liqueur Method To make infusions, put 250g of fresh fruit into a bottle...

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