South american food

  • 1 Rustle up your own South American ceviche at home
    Described by some as Southern America’s answer to sushi, raw fish is actually ‘cooked’ in citrus juice – the acids causing the fish to go through this ‘cooking process’. It’s...

  • 2 Salmon Ceviche by Gaucho's Executive Chef, Fernando Trocca
    Dish type: StarterIngredients 25g Avocado 5g Coriander 15ml Lime and Olive Oil Vinaigrette 15ml Roast Pepper Sauce 10g Red Onion 10g Tinned palm hearts 2g Red Jalapeno 80g Organic Salmon...

  • 3 Celebrity chef interview: Nobu
    Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa is known world-wide for his innovative food that fuses South American cooking with his traditional Japanese techniques. He has garnered a celebrity following, aided in some part...

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