• 1 Air Conditioning: too cool to be good for you?
    Not so many years ago, air conditioning was a luxury vouchsafed only to the privileged few; now, though, it's the norm in many offices and public transport systems, so it's...

  • 2 Hayfever help: top tips to stop you sneezing this summer
    The sun is out, the temperature’s up, but, unfortunately so’s the grass pollen count. Which means that as we try to make the most of the beautiful weather, the hayfever...

  • 3

    Wellbeing: Keeping your nose clean

    We now know that, between flower, tree and grass pollen, hayfever can be an almost year-round problem. Angela Chalmers, chemist at Boots, recommends using a vaporiser as it cleans out...

  • 4

    Health: hayfever hints

    Did you know that for optimum results from your hayfever treatments you should really start using them a couple of weeks before the onset of the hayfever season, to allow...

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