• 1 Follow Miranda's example for a magical birth
    Miranda's top tips for a stress-free pregnancy Looking at Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr cradling her baby with a blissed out expression, you wouldn't imagine that her labour just a few...

  • 2 Reflexology: the word on the feet
    Did you know that your feet may hold the key to health? It's difficult to believe it, but pressing a particular spot on this part of your body can relieve your toothache, stop your back ache or even calm...

  • 3 Eyes and brows: Take the ouch out of tweezing
    Dab Bonjela ulcer treatment or ice cubes on brows prior to plucking to help numb skin against the pain.

  • 4 Fitness and exercise: Walk off the pain
    If you're prone to aches and pains after resistance training, finish your session with a brisk walk – it stimulates blood flow which helps get rid of waste products that contribute to soreness.

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