• 1 New Year detox: the best smoothie and juice recipes
    2013 saw a host of celebrities, models and stars turn to juices and smoothies in an effort to lose a few pounds or maintain their figures svelte and red-carpet-ready. Ex-Victoria's Secret model Rosie...

  • 2 Super healthy and refreshing juice and smoothie recipes
    Bursting with fresh flavours, vitamins and superfoods, smoothies and juices are a perfect way to start the day as well as a great midday pick-me-up or post-gym energy boost.  Made...

  • 3 Juice diet leaves Coleen Rooney stunning one month after birth
    Just one month after giving birth to her second son Klay Anthony, Coleen Rooney is already showing off her fabulous post-pregnancy body – and the secret that led her to shed the baby pounds. The...

  • 4 Beetroot, Pomegranate & Orange Smoothie
    Ingredients: 100ml pomegranate juice 100ml orange juice 1 cooked beetroot What to do: Whizz all the ingredients in a liquidiser until smooth, serve immediately poured over ice.

  • 5 Beetroot, Pink Lady and Grapefruit Juice
    Ingredients: 1 pack of vacuum packed natural cooked beetroot 2 Pink lady apples 1 peeled grapefruit Method: Put fruit into a mixer and mix them up! More into a glass and enjoy.

  • 6 The power of pomegranates
    You might have seen in the shops and supermarkets the increasing appearance of pomegranate juice. More popularly known in cocktails and Middle Eastern cookery, it has been fast making its way as a health...

  • 7 Ingredient of the week: Limes
     Zingy green, large and pocked or small and knobbly, the lime has many culinary incarnations. Use the juice to make a palate-cleansing sorbet with mint and a splash of vodka. The zest will give subtle...

  • 8 Nutrition: Citrus switch
    Swap your orange juice for the real thing and not only will you get twice as much vitamin C, an orange will give you half the calories of a large glass of juice

  • 9 Nutrition: Juice up for health benefits
    Drinking a glass of orange juice with your breakfast will help you make the most of any iron content as vitamin C aids iron absorption. Iron is an essential mineral as it makes up part of many proteins...

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