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Top 10: the hottest A-list holiday destinations

Supermodel Poppy Delevingne has been unwinding with new husband James Cook on the idyllic island of Ibiza and singer-songwriter John Legend has headed to Greek gem Mykonos for a dip...

Samba fantasy - carnival in Rio

Rio de Janeiro may not be capital of Brazil, but it's certainly the international capital of carnival, known around the planet for its beauty, its vivacity and its unmistakable sense...

Alicia Keys and Beyonce already in carnival mode as they brighten up Rio slums

Two of music's hottest starlets brought glamour to the slums of Brazil this week. Ahead of the world famous Rio Carnival which kicks off on Saturday, Beyonce and Alicia Keys...

Devoted dad Hugh Jackman splashes around with kids Oscar and Ava in Brazil

Super dad Hugh Jackman really is a child at heart. If he’s not having snowball fights or playing on a climbing frame in New York with his kids, he’s larking...

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