• 1 Super ideas for Valentine's getaways
    A touch of nostalgia
On the Devon coast, the privately owned Burgh Island – actually only separated from the mainland at high tide – is the site of Burgh Island Hotel...

  • 2 The best of British
    There are lots of places of cultural and natural heritage around the British Isles that UNESCO considers to have outstanding universal value. They range from the great megalithic blocks of...

  • 3 Ten places in the lives of the royal couple
    Notting Hill, London
Do you remember the photos of the late Princess Diana with William the schoolboy on his first day at school? He was dressed in the long dark socks...

  • 4 Spas fit for a future queen
    Spa by ESPA, Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland 
This fine hotel with its award-winning spa is close to St Andrews, where Kate Middleton and Prince William met when they were students. For...

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