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Canada's Ice Hotel: where cold is really cool

It's certainly not the cosiest place on the planet, but what the Ice Hotel lacks in warmth, it makes up for in originality. Located in the Quebec region it has to be one of the world's most unusual lodgings.


Located near the town of St. Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, the Ice Hotel is a celebrity in itself and unique in America. A true architectural marvel, inspired by the Inuit igloos, and built completely between layers of ice. Not just the walls and the floors of the rooms, everything here, even the beds, is made from blocks of ice blocks. And the originality does not end here because it is a seasonal hotel which is built when the first flakes of snow appear, and melts at the end of winter, allowing an extraordinary and unique experience.

Opened in 2001, this winter sees the hotel's tenth anniversary. To celebrate, there are special packages for the new cold season, including the Polar Getaway, which seeks to satisfy guests' wildest winter dreams.

Ice Hotel is constructed over five weeks using about five hundred tons of ice. Despite the coldness of the materials, the decoration of each space is paramount, with real works of art carved in ice, which winter after winter, surprise and delight visitors by the technical and artistic skill of its creators. The popularity is such that every year the hotel hosts the Nordic Festival of Arts and Life, an event that combines architecture, sculpture and painting and results in magnificent interior decor.

There are some thirty thematic rooms, as well as other facilities including chapel, nightclub, relaxation area with sauna, and the internationally famous Ice Bar, where the glasses themselves are, unsurprisingly, also made of ice. Cold is definitely cool.

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