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Spetses: an island setting for the Greek royal wedding

It's too late to attend the nuptials of Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana, but you still have time to discover the island of Spetses in the Saronic archipelago, the fairytale setting the couple have chosen for the royal wedding.

Just three hours from Athens and close to Porto Heli, the little island of Spetses is no stranger to the Greek royal family who often spend their holidays enjoying its charming scenery. But there's been more than holidays in the minds of the island's residents as they've prepared for the wedding of Nikolaos of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik. The beautiful old monstery of Ayios Nikolaos has been chosen for the ceremony itself, the guests are staying in the elegant and exclusive Poseidonion Hotel, and no doubt there will be plenty of celebrating going on in the cafes along the promenade at Ntapia, where the romantic royal couple have been spotted on more than one occasion. The pace of life here flows at a different rate, with bikes and horse-drawn carriages being popular means of transport to get around and discover the great mansions, the pine woods that reach down to the shores of the clear sea and the beautiful pebbled beaches. Take a look at some of the scenes the royal guests will be enjoying during their visit to this idyllic Greek island.

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Island of Spetses, Greece
The houses on Spetses seem to jostle each other for the best view of the clear sea / © Iason Orlandos 

Island of Spetses, Greece
Spetses is the south-westernmost of the islands in the Saronic Gulf, as well as one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan / © Iason Orlandos 

Beach at Vrellos, Spetses
The pebbled beaches of Spetses - Ligoneri, Vrellos and Agia Paraskevi - are some of the best on the islands; Agioi Anargyroi is the only sandy beach / © Iason Orlandos 

Island of Spetses, Greece
The island is just 27 square kilometres in area, and the best way to get around is by boat, bike or horse-drawn carriage / © Naomi Graham 

Island of Spetses, Greece
The scenery of the Saronic Islands archipelago is wonderfully picturesque, with pine trees, clear blue waters and small fishing villages held cupped in secluded bays / © Naomi Graham 

Poseidonion Grace Hotel, Spetses
Built at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the exclusive Poseidonion Grace Hotel boasts exceptional architecture and elegant decor; over the years, its guests have included many famous politicians, businessmen and artists / © Naomi Graham 

Poseidonion Grace Hotel, Spetses
Guests at the Greek royal nuptials are staying at the Poseidonion Grace, where the pre-wedding dinner was also held / © Naomi Graham 

Island of Spetses, Greece
Life runs at a different pace on the island, and horse-drawn carriages are a popular means of transport / © Iason Orlandos 

Island of Spetses, Greece
The port of Ntapia, the mansion of Bouboulina, the local heroine, the Town Hall and the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, where the royal nuptials take place are all high spots of a visit to Spetses / © Iason Orlandos 

Island of Spetses by night
The romantic image of the island after dark makes it a perfect place for a wedding / © Iason Orlandos 

Island of Spetses, Greece
Spetses has been chosen by other celebrities, including Jackie Onassis and Errol Flynn, as a place to escape from the bustle / © Naomi Graham 

Island of Spetses, Greece
Just three hours from Athens, the island is perfect for short visits as well as longer stays / © Naomi Graham 

Xenon Estate, Spetses, Greece
Set up on a hill, with stunning views over the island, the three villas of the Xenon Estate are a perfect place for those seeking peace and privacy 

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