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A Middle Eastern marriage in Jerusalem for Milancia and Yechiel


Yechiel and Milancia at the old port of Jaffo
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24 NOVEMBER 2009

On September 7, 2009, Milancia Sofia Kalley and Yechiel Barazany gave themselves to one another in Jerusalem.

The wedding activities began with a Middle Eastern night where the couple and their guests indulged in belly dancing, henna body art and an abundance of colourful clothing.

The second day saw the wedding party tour Jerusalem's old city. Just in case anybody had any doubts as to what they were doing there, the whole party were presented with Milancia and Yechiel wedding t-shirts to wear on the tour!

The final day of celebrations culminated in a beautiful winter ceremony.

The couple saw their three-day affair as much as a celebration of life as of love.

"Marrying my soul mate in the City of Gold was the perfect way to start our exciting new adventure together," said Milancia.


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