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A family affair for Claire and Trevor

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08 APRIL 2010

Claire Winning and Trevor Hitchock were married at Leez Priory in Chelmsford, Essex, in November of last year.

The couple chose the venue in order to be surrounded by the Christmas trees that fill the Priory during winter.

The wedding was a family-oriented affair with a bridal party consisting of the bride and groom's brothers and sisters.

Romantic harp music introduced the bridal party, but events took on a more comical tone when Claire's two-year-old nephew began repeating her name every time it was said during the ceremony.

Afterwards, the newlyweds heard a letter from Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp, along with speeches from family and friends.

"(The letter) was a very personal touch," said Claire.

"It was the most amazing day of our lives and one we will remember for a long time."


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