• Angel Falls: Venezuela's little known natural wonder

    The jaw-dropping Angel Falls are nestled deep in an expanse of Venezuelan natural beauty, the Canaima National Park. Soaring at a height of nearly 1000 metres, Angel Falls are the world's highest uninterrupted waterfalls and tower 19 times higher than the better known Niagara Falls.  CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY  The thundering torrent tumbles from the vast Auyan Tepui, one of the hundreds of tepuis – raised plateaus which dominate the landscape – and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. Over 1000 miles south east of the country's capital Caracas, Angel Falls is only accessible by limited forms or transport. By plane or helicopter, it's a truly

  • Be an eco-fashionista like Livia Firth

    When you hear the terms 'green' and 'eco-friendly' the chances are energy-efficient lightbulbs and compost heaps spring to mind. But now there are more enjoyable – and glamorous – ways that you can do your bit for the planet. Take a leaf from the likes of Livia, Colin Firth's wife. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY This year she convinced a number of top designers including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and Chanel to sign up for the 'Green Carpet Challenge' – an initiative to promote green fashion on the red carpet. And she has just launched Green Cut, in association with

  • Mini satay chicken skewers

    Chicken Satay Sticks are always a firm favourite at any party and perfect for any celebration. Alternatively you use turkey, beef or prawns and, if you like your food a little hotter, add more sweet chilli sauce. Preparation Time: 40 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes Makes: 16 sticks Ingredients: 2 - 3 chicken breasts, cut into strips 150g Thai Taste Satay Peanut Sauce 2 tbsp Thai Taste Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce Lime wedges, to serve Shredded spring onion and red chilli, to garnish Method: 1) Soak 16 bamboo skewers in water for at least 30 minutes. 2) Cut each chicken breast into 4 long slices lengthways and then halve

  • Prawn laksa noodles

    Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 8 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 200g flat dried rice noodles 185g Laksa Paste (found in most Asian supermarkets) 250g raw shelled king prawns 400ml reduced fat coconut milk 750ml hot fish stock 1tbsp palm sugar 100g bean sprouts 225g can bamboo shoots, drained 2tbsp freshly chopped coriander To serve: 4 spring onions, chopped 1 red chilli, finely sliced Cucumber strips Method: 1. Place the noodles in a large heatproof bowl and pour over boiling water. Cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes. 2. Meanwhile in a large saucepan, place the Laksa paste and the prawns, stirring to ensure the prawns are coated in the spice mix. 3. Cook over a medium

  • Beef Rendang

    Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1tbsp sunflower oil 200ml coconut milk 185g jar Malay Taste Rendang Curry Paste 450g beef rump steak, cut into strips 2tbsp freshly chopped coriander To serve: Steamed rice Method: 1. Heat the oil in a wok or deep frying pan and stir in 1tbsp of the coconut milk and the curry paste. Stir-fry for 1-2 minutes, until the aromas are released. 2. Add the beef and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes until brown, then stir in the remaining coconut milk and bring to the boil. 3. Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 12-15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sauce reduces, thickens

  • Princess Beatrice on a daring mission to scale Mont Blanc

    Princess Beatrice has spoken of her joy of scaling the summit of Mont Blanc, Western Europe's tallest peak. In the latest issue of HELLO! magazine, Beatrice says: "The summit was like a dream. It was so overwhelming I began to cry with joy for making it to this magical world at the top of Europe."   The plucky Princess, who admits to having suffered a fit of "constant nervous giggles" when she first arrived for her adventure, was joined on her intrepid trip by Holly and Sam Branson, the son and daughter of Virgin tycoon Richard (who also did the climb),

  • Daredevil Benedict's first ever skydive is elementary

    Hurtling through the sky at 15,000 feet, Benedict Cumberbatch looks on top of the world - literally. The Sherlock actor showed his daredevil side during his first ever skydive, which took place in New Zealand. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY   Benedict got the chance to see beautiful views of Glenorchy, where he has been filming Peter Jackson's new Tolkien movie The Hobbit. "It was the most exquisite sensation and when I landed on the ground I wanted to do it again," he said after touching down safely.   "It's such an extreme thing. You think, 'God, I've just had the most massive bite out

  • Exclusive: Nick Knowles marries in a fairytale ceremony in Rome

    Television presenter Nick Knowles has married his fiancée Jessica Rose Moor in a beautiful Roman ceremony, HELLO! magazine can reveal. In exclusive photographs and interview in the latest issue of the magazine, the DIY SOS star shares intimate details of the romantic day, when he wed his girlfriend of three years in front of 12 guests.   Speaking of the moment he first laid eyes on his bride as she walked down the aisle, he said: "It was the most incredible moment. She looked so, so beautiful. Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling and when we said our vows

  • Blue Shell Mussels in Thai Coconut Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Serves 4 Cooking Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 4 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, peeled and sliced 4 Thai shallots, peeled and roughly chopped 2 12cm (5 inch) stalks lemon grass, 1 small chilli, deseed and chopped ½ orange, sliced 2 lime leaves 1 small lemon, sliced 1 lime, sliced 1 teaspoon grated ginger 4 garlic cloves, cracked 1 tablespoon runny honey 1kg blue mussels, cleaned and de-beaded 4 sprigs thyme, stalks removed and chopped 1 tablespoon chervil, chopped 1 tablespoon flat leaf parsley, chopped 200ml coconut milk 1 tablespoon coriander, chopped 1 tablespoon mint, chopped 4 spring onions, chopped 1 teaspoon traditional madras curry powder Method 1. In a deep pan with a lid add the 2 tablespoons olive oil, onions, shallots, lemon

  • Savannah Phillips takes the lead with Princess Anne's pet

    Her great-grandmother is the world's most famous dog lover. So unsurprisingly Savannah Phillips is starting early when it comes to handling pets. The Queen's adorable great-granddaughter looked confident as she took the lead of a bull terrier at Gatcombe Park. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY Her father Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, was standing by supervising but Savannah, 21 months, seemed to take it all in her stride. Peter and his wife Autumn dropped in at his mother's country estate with the toddler and her six-month-old sister Isla Elizabeth to watch the horse trials organised there.  Like all the Windsor clan, the couple are passionate about

  • Go fusion with Pan-Asian recipes that bring the East to the West

    Pan Asian cuisine spans all of the southern countries in Asia. It encompasses the delicious flavours of Thai, Malaysian, Philippines, Southern Indian and Japanese cooking and transforms ordinary ingredients into mouthwatering "fusion" dishes. With just a few ingredients you can turn a simple staple like frozen prawns into a hearty noodle curry that combines the flavours of Thailand and Vietnam. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL GALLERY The key is to balance a fusion of ingredients by thinking about how combined flavours and textures will complement each other. Feel free to play with flavours by mixing sweet, sour, spicy and bitter to taste. Chinese food accounts for a

  • Wedding bells sound at Downton Abbey, but who's getting married?

    Their on-off romance kept Downton Abbey viewers on the edge of their seats for the first two seasons. But Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley finally get their fairytale ending at the start of the third series. The couple make it down the aisle at last during a joyous celebration that will secure Mary's place in the future of Downton. By marrying her distant cousin, the feisty brunette, played by Michelle Dockery, will be the next Countess of Grantham when Matthew - aka Dan Stevens - inherits the title. Mary's big day isn't without its hitches, however. Casting a shadow over

  • Loved up Eva goes for gold at Latin awards ceremony

    With her killer heels, stunning outfit and knowing smile, there can be no doubt that loved-up Eva Longoria is full of the confidence a new relationship brings. The petite actress recently confirmed she is dating strapping New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez after splitting with Penelope Cruz's brother Eduardo.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR GALLERY Eva and Mark, 25, have been spotted out and about together on a string of dates, including a shopping trip in New Jersey, where Mark has a house. The happy developments in Eva's love life clearly buoyed the actress as she hosted the NCLR ALMA Awards Sunday

  • Inside the royal couple's tropical paradise Tavanipupu

    Finally a chance for privacy – on Monday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel to the South Pacific's best kept secret – Tavanipupu. Once a coconut plantation in the 19th century, it is today a privately owned 5 star island complete with luxury handcrafted bungalows, and surrounded by an endless turquoise lagoon. This tropical paradise is a world away from the rest of the Royal tour – accessible only by a 25-minute plane ride from the capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, or a three to six hour scenic cruise on one of the resorts' boats. Set in heavenly surrounds of unspoiled beauty and sublime views, diving

  • Palace lawyers due in court in France over intimate photos of Kate

    Lawyers for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were due in court on Monday in Paris to try and restrict publication of intimate pictures of the couple on holiday. The legal team are seeking to have the French magazine which printed images of Kate without her bikini top withdrawn from sale.   The photos were taken while Prince William and his wife were staying in a chateau owned by Viscount Linley, the Queen's nephew on a break ahead of their tour of South East Asia. Lawyers will also be asking French prosecutors to bring criminal charges against the photographer who took the snaps. According

  • 'They can't live without each other': Hopes that Kristen and Robert will reconcile

    Robert Pattinson could be ready to forgive Kristen Stewart's "momentary indiscretion", according to reports. The Sun claims the two actors had a tearful heart-to-heart after Kristen was spotted in a clinch with married father-of-two Rupert Sanders. "They pretty much decided they couldn't live without each other," a source told the newspaper. "Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake. "Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they've worked it out." Twilight's star couple are now said to be rebuilding their love

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